PUK, Other Kurdish Parties Support Holding Elections

Kurdistan 06:47 PM - 2024-03-21
 voting and the Kurdistan flag on the left. PUKMEDIA

voting and the Kurdistan flag on the left.

Kurdistan Elections

The majority of Kurdish political parties insist on the June 10, 2024 election date set by the Kurdistan Region's President. They see no reason for any delay in holding the elections.

PUK: Elections are the only way to democracy

In its regular meeting, the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) reaffirmed the PUK's unwavering stance on the timely and uninterrupted conduct of elections, highlighting the elections as the sole legitimate means to rejuvenate the democratic process and establish the legitimacy of governance in our country. The meeting also reiterated the party's persistent preparedness for this electoral event.

The PUK's Political Bureau also stated that, regardless of the reason, holding the elections later than expected would undermine democracy and cast doubt on the legitimacy of the institutions in the Kurdistan Region. In order to address the outstanding issues between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad, particularly those pertaining to the budget and salaries, it also highlights how crucial it is to protect our institution from potential threats and risks. This can only be done by returning to the people's will and their ability to elect their representatives through a fair parliamentary election that takes into account the opinions of all factions and parties involved.

Gorran Movement: We need elections

The Gorran Movement advocates for conducting timely and equitable elections, as that is the best option for the Kurdistan Region.

The Gorran Movement released a statement expressing their stance on the Kurdistan parliamentary elections, stressing the necessity of conducting fair elections as that is the most optimal choice for the Kurdistan Region, and emphasising that an election that addresses national, legal, institutional, and socioeconomic concerns should be conducted with the active involvement and comprehension of all political parties. The utmost priority is to represent the Kurdish people by means of the elected Kurdistan parliament in order to safeguard the constitutional rights of the Kurdistan Region.

KIU: Elections are a national necessity

The Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) supports the notion that elections are a fundamental right of the nation and advocates for the timely and transparent conduct of elections.

"We consider the elections a national necessity and a popular right, and we are in favour of holding transparent and fair elections on schedule," the spokesperson for the KIU stated.

KJG calls for not creating obstacles to elections

The Kurdistan Justice Group (KJG) urges against impeding the electoral process and underlines the importance of conducting the polls as scheduled.

The KJG's Supreme Council issued a statement outlining the party's position on the elections, stating: "We support holding the elections at the time specified by the President of the Kurdistan Region, and we hope that no obstacles will impede the electoral process."

The statement warned that any obstinacy hindering the execution of the Iraqi Federal Court's orders will result in the Kurdistan Region encountering further turmoil and maybe losing its constitutional and legal structure.

Support for the PUK's statement

The Kurdistan Green Party, the Kurdistan Democratic Liberation Movement, and the National Reform Movement have all expressed support for the PUK Political Bureau's statement on the timely conduct of the elections.

The Kurdistan Green Party expressed its endorsement of the PUK's statement advocating for the timely conduct of parliamentary elections, emphasising the need to avoid any further delays in the electoral process. 

The statement from the Kurdistan Democratic Liberation Movement expresses its endorsement of the decisions made by the PUK regarding the electoral process. The movement recognised that elections are a crucial aspect of democratic ideals, as they contribute to the advancement of society and the well-being of the land and its people.

The National Reform Movement endorsed the PUK Political Bureau's decision regarding the elections. They emphasised the importance of holding transparent and democratic elections as a way to address and overcome the current situation in Kurdistan. 

On March 3, 2024, the President of the Kurdistan Region issued a decree for the sixth term of the Kurdistan legislative elections to be held on June 10, 2024. This marks the fourth time such a decree has been published. The elections have been rescheduled on three separate occasions. Nevertheless, the polls were not conducted due to multiple reasons, prompting Kurdish political groups to insist on the timely execution of the elections without any further postponement.


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