PUK Politburo: We Advocate for Women's Rights & Eliminate Discrimination

P.U.K 08:19 PM - 2024-03-07

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The Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has released a statement in honour of International Women's Day, expressing its commitment to President Mam Jalal's path to supporting women's struggle and eradicating discrimination.

PUK Politburo made the following statement: 

On March 8th, we congratulate the women of Kurdistan, Iraq, and around the world. We see this as an opportunity to reiterate the PUK's ongoing support for President Mam Jalal's path, which includes advocating for women's rights and the equality movement. Our goals are to eliminate discrimination and increase the representation of Kurdish women in decision-making and policy-making institutions. 

We honour the brave women who gave their lives for freedom, independence, social cohesion, and the advancement of women's rights and equality. We pay special tribute to our PUK women comrades. 


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