Kurdistan Region's Security Agency Apprehends 30 Terrorists

Kurdistan 10:36 PM - 2024-02-22
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The Kurdistan Region's Security (Asayish) Agency reported that 30 terrorists, including two women, were apprehended during a security operation in the Kurdistan Region. The Directorate of the Security Agency's Operations announced that it had discovered two terrorist groups spreading ISIS ideologies on social media. 

According to the statement, on October 10, 2023, the directorate learned of two groups in the Bitwen and Pishder districts that planned to join ISIS and become terrorist fighters after receiving extremist ideas on social media. 

"After conducting an investigation and collecting precise information and evidence regarding the terrorists' intentions, names, and addresses, they were put under constant surveillance for 20 days. Subsequently, with the judge's approval, 10 terrorists, including two women, were apprehended in Qaladize on December 15, 2023," the statement added.

The statement further revealed: "Investigations grew more intense, and on December 17, 2023, a massive operation was carried out in Ranya, Qaladize, Zharawa, Haji Awa, and Shkarta. Twenty terrorists were apprehended and brought to justice."

According to the statement, investigations revealed that the terrorist group ISIS has been using social media to spread extremist ideology. They intended to migrate several times, but ISIS instructed them to stay in cities to secretly promote the group and increase their numbers.


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