RORD Reveals Journalistic Abuses, Mostly Occurring in Erbil

Reports 04:59 PM - 2024-02-08
Violations against journalists PUKMEDIA

Violations against journalists

Erbil Kurdistan Region Journalists

Erbil province had the most violations against journalists and media outlets (78), followed by Duhok province (37). Halabja and Sulaymaniyah provinces had the fewest violations, with only 21 cases. 

The Reporters Organisation for Rights and Developments (RORD) has released data on violations committed against journalists and media outlets in 2023. Statistically, while the number of cases of violations against journalists has decreased, violations against media establishments have increased since 2022. 

In an interview with PUKMEDIA, Hozan Qadir, President of the RORD, stated: "The province of Erbil recorded the highest number of violations against journalists, totaling 78 infractions." The province of Duhok had the second-highest number of violations, with 37, while Halabja province had the fewest, with 10. Sulaymaniyah province has the second lowest rate of violations against journalists, with 11 documented cases." 

According to RORD statistics provided to PUKMEDIA, Erbil had the highest number of journalist arrests (10 incidents). Duhok had eight cases, Sulaymaniyah had two, and Halabja had one. The final two provinces have lower arrest rates than the other provinces, and they are even lower than in previous years. 

The organization's president stated that, while the number of violations against journalists in the Kurdistan Region decreased in 2023 compared to 2022, violations against media outlets increased from 320 to 328. 

According to the RORD report, 16 media outlets have been subjected to violations, the majority of which have involved obstructing coverage. Notably, Erbil and Duhok are once again ranked as the top two provinces for such violations. Furthermore, 26 journalists were fired and three died in 2023. 


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