Iraqi President: Halting Sulaymaniyah-Türkiye Flights Harms the Two Peoples' Relations

Iraq 01:13 PM - 2024-02-06
 Iraqi President's meeting with Turkish Defense Minister and his accompanying delegation. Iraqi Presidency

Iraqi President's meeting with Turkish Defense Minister and his accompanying delegation.

Iraqi President Iraq Türkiye

Iraqi President Abdullatif Jamal Rashid, received Turkish Defense Minister Yaşar Güler and his accompanying delegation on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, at Baghdad Palace.

President Rashid highlighted the Turkish actions taken to halt flights between Sulaymaniyah Airport and Turkish cities and noted that these steps pose a threat to the collaborative efforts and impede the preservation of relations between the two peoples. 

Defense Minister Güler expressed keenness in finding a resolution to reinstate flights between Sulaymaniyah and Turkish cities.

In addition to  Sulaymaniyah-Türkiye Flights, the discussion also revolved around strategies to enhance and fortify the mutual relations and potential collaborations, particularly in the domains of security and intelligence sharing, with the aim of promoting the security and stability of both nations. Furthermore, the conversation touched upon the water-related matters and trade exchange, with the objective of safeguarding the shared interests of the Iraqi and Turkish people.

President Rashid emphasized the importance of resolving border disputes and security concerns between both states through collaborative efforts, discussions, and coordination. He proposed the establishment of security committees from both sides to identify the issues and devise appropriate solutions. He also rejected the approach of addressing the outstanding matters unilaterally, as well as any notion of Iraq's territory posing a threat to neighboring or other countries.

Furthermore, he stressed the importance of upholding Iraqi sovereignty, ceasing military transgressions and encroachments on Iraqi territories, including the cities of the Kurdistan Region. He also called for the resolution of unresolved matters between the two parties through dialogue and ongoing meetings, with the aim of establishing security and stability for the inhabitants of the region.

Turkish Defense Minister Yaşar Güler affirmed Türkiye's support for Iraq's security, stability, and sovereignty. He also expressed the desire to enhance cooperation and joint coordination in multiple domains, aiming to advance the shared interests of both nations.

Defense Minister Güler elucidated the presence of a collaborative effort including the construction of a shared operations center, as well as a venture to construct three dams on the Zab River. 


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