Iraqi First Lady Stresses Importance of Intensifying Efforts to Achieve Cancer-Free Future

Iraq 02:20 PM - 2024-02-05
 Iraqi First Lady among the participants of the marathon. Iraqi First Lady's X Account

Iraqi First Lady among the participants of the marathon.

Iraqi First Lady Iraq Sulaymaniyah Kurdistan

On Sunday, February 4, 2024, Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed, the First Lady of Iraq, took part in a 5-kilometer marathon held at Azadi Park in Sulaymaniyah to mark World Cancer Day.

First Lady Shanaz wore shirt number 85 and ran in the race to support ongoing efforts to combat this disease, eradicate its effects, raise awareness, boost sufferers' determination and optimism, and assist them in overcoming obstacles.

Iraqi First Lady Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed said in a post on her X account that she participated in a 5-kilometer marathon race in Azadi Park in Sulaymaniyah to support World Cancer Day.

"Every year, millions of people worldwide lose their lives to cancer. We must raise awareness and improve early detection rates," she said.

Both male and female participants completed a distance of up to 5 kilometres. Mrs. Shanaz awarded prizes to the race winners and also gave a gift to a girl with special needs who took part in the marathon.

The First Lady underlined that the only way to achieve a clean environment and a cancer-free future is to maintain scientific efforts and social activities that raise awareness and promote early screening, especially among women, in order to lessen the dangers of this deadly disease, develop preventive measures, and raise awareness of it worldwide. 


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