U.S. Ambassador: Attack on Khor Mor Exposed Millions to Power Outages

Kurdistan 02:16 PM - 2024-01-26
 Khor Mor Gas Field. Dana Gas

Khor Mor Gas Field.

Sulaymaniyah US Ambassador The US

On Friday, January 26, 2024, Alina Romanowski, Ambassador of the United States (U.S.) to Iraq,  Stephen Hitchen, British Ambassador to Iraq, and the French Embassy in Iraq condemned the drone attack on Khor Mor Gas Field in Sulaymaniyah Governorate that led to a 2,800 megawatt drop in power production.

U.S. Ambassador Romanowski wrote on X platform: "I condemn yesterday’s attack on Khor Mor in Iraqi Kurdistan Region (IKR). The attack damaged infrastructure & exposed millions to power outages in midwinter. The U.S. stands by our partners in Iraq, including the IKR, in support of Iraqi sovereignty & security."

British Ambassador Hitchen wrote on X platform: "I strongly condemn the attack on the Khor Mor Gas Field. Children and the elderly will feel cold tonight as a result of this heartless action. Iraq and the Kurdistan Region have the potential to establish stability and foster prosperity for their people. This process is an intentional effort to sabotage the progress that is being made."

The French Embassy in Iraq also released a statement and said: 

"The French Embassy in Iraq strongly condemns yesterday evening's attack on the Khor Mor gas field, which resulted in a fire and the interruption of electricity production."

An attack on civilian infrastructure that benefits all Iraqis undermines Iraq's stability, particularly in the Kurdistan Region. It's an intolerable escalation.

France supports the Iraqi people and their authorities, as well as the Autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq and its citizens."

The attack on Khor Mor gas field, one of Iraq's largest gas fields, has led to a temporary suspension of production, resulting in major power cuts across the Kurdistan Region.

No group has claimed responsibility for the overnight explosive drone that struck Khor Mor gas field in the Sulaymaniyah region.

It damaged a liquid gas storage tank but caused no injuries, according to the field's United Arab Emirates-based operator, Dana Gas. Dana Gas said production was temporarily suspended to put out a fire, which was extinguished, and a resumption of operations was expected soon.

Kurdistan Region's electricity ministry said the attack had led to a 2,800 megawatt drop in power production.




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