Sulaymaniyah Hosts 1st Women in Society & History's Mirror International Conference

Kurdistan 01:14 PM - 2023-12-07
Qubad Talabani at the Women in the Mirror of Society & History conference PUKMEDIA

Qubad Talabani at the Women in the Mirror of Society & History conference

Women Qubad Talabani Iraqi First Lady

This first international conference on women, organised jointly by the universities of Sulaymaniyah and Cihan, was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani, Iraqi First Lady Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Aram Mohammed Qadir, Minister of Culture and Youth Hama Hama Saeed, and university lecturers.

Murdering women tarnishes the reputation of the Kurdistan Region
During a panel discussion at the conference, Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani stated, "Women in our society exhibit strength and determination, rather than fragility, and are seen as equals to men." We strongly believe in gender equality, and the government should strive for gender equality through its policies, legislation, and directives. In this matter, men, all segments of society, and civil society organisations should work with the government. At the same time, higher education institutions can impact women's issues."

He further said: "The media must be more conscious when it comes to women's issues, and the act of murder, especially when it involves women, should be regarded more heinously. Regrettably, there has been an excessive focus on instances of homicide and acts of aggression towards women over the years. Undoubtedly, the act of murdering women harms the reputation of the region. Therefore, our society must believe in gender equality, and women should actively promote solidarity among themselves."

"Gender equality is a global concern; continuous discussion of women's issues is imperative in Kurdish society, and it is insufficient to allocate only a few days each year to address them," Talabani said. "Therefore, it is imperative to sustain and organise these conferences every year across different parts of Kurdistan, to ensure that women's issues become a concern for everyone." Women in Kurdistan across several domains require support and motivation."
Women play a vital role in society
During a separate session of the conference, Iraq's First Lady, Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed, emphasised the importance of self-confidence and determination for women in society. She highlighted that these qualities enable women to persist and overcome challenges without surrendering.

"Women's solidarity is critical because it empowers them." Unfortunately, the level of support that women offer one another is extremely low. "As a result, women must advocate for their rights," she said.

The Iraqi First Lady also stated that women play a unique and significant role in society and that it is encouraging to see more women working as entrepreneurs.


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