PUK President Meets Iraqi Prime Minister

P.U.K 05:26 PM - 2023-12-06
 PUK President & Iraqi Prime Minister PUK President’s media office

PUK President & Iraqi Prime Minister

Iraq President Bafel

Bafel Jalal Talabani, President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), met with Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani, the Prime Minister of Iraq, in Baghdad.

The meeting focused on coordination and cooperation between political forces and parties to address issues and maintain stability in the surrounding area, as well as the country's overall state of affairs and the government's efforts to expand its services.

President Bafel mentioned the efforts of the Kurdistan Regional Government delegation to reach a national agreement with Baghdad during the meeting, and clarified that returning to the Constitution and forming a true partnership is the key to addressing the challenges. He stated that the government's primary focus should be on the lives and welfare of its citizens, and that everyone should collaborate and coordinate to achieve this goal.

Regarding the security developments in the region and their consequences, President Bafel described the PUK's stance and stated that, because the region is in a delicate period, everyone must be committed to acting responsibly and protecting the country from any unfavourable events.




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