Iraqi First Lady Visits Soz Mental Hospital

Kurdistan 10:25 PM - 2023-12-04
 Iraqi First Lady and Soz Mental Hospital's administrators. PUKMEDIA

Iraqi First Lady and Soz Mental Hospital's administrators.

Iraqi First Lady

Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed, the First Lady of Iraq, paid a visit to the Soz Mental Hospital in Sulaymaniyah to assess its deficiencies and requirements.

During the visit, Mrs. Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed received a report from the hospital's Director, Dr. Hemn Fatih, on the hospital's efforts to provide a pleasant and comfortable environment for patients based on evaluations conducted by medical professionals and specialists.

Dr. Hemn Fatih continued: "The facility is focused not only on medication but also on improving the skills of the patients, as many of them possess talents in painting, academic pursuits, and athletics. Such training programs aim to facilitate their rehabilitation and integration into society."

Additionally, the hospital's executive director, Dilshad Yasin, outlined the problems and demands they have, namely the lack of a budget to support patients and their plans to increase the green space to improve patients' quality of life.

Mrs. Shanaz interacted with numerous patients who were actively involved in creating crafts and paintings while touring various hospital departments. She embraced them warmly and listened intently to their heartfelt thoughts and feelings.

The Iraqi First Lady offered her assistance for improving healthcare delivery and implementing training and adaptation techniques.



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