PUK Advocates for Increased Female Role in Disputed Areas

Reports 10:47 AM - 2023-11-28
 PUK's and PUK coalitions' logos. PUKMEDIA

PUK's and PUK coalitions' logos.

PUK Women

The primary objective of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) is to increase the participation of women in the political, managerial, and decision-making spheres through its lists and alliances for the Iraqi provincial council elections.  

The PUK promotes enhanced female representation in positions of authority within the disputed regions, enabling them to access quota seats in the government, exert influence, and work alongside men in all domains.

Coalition No. 142 works to further guarantee women's rights

Samira Ahmad, candidate number 4 of the 'Kirkuk is our strength and will Coalition', told PUKMEDIA: "Our coalition is dedicated to enhancing the assurance of women's rights in the disputed regions and will exert maximum endeavor to amplify the prominence of women's involvement across all domains, particularly in the political realm."

"While women have made significant progress in participating in party organizations and assuming political roles, we are also striving to ensure that women fully benefit from quota seats and attain positions of power within the government," she said. 

Adding: "Furthermore, we are actively working towards granting women their rightful representation in the judiciary and security agencies."  

The PUK has been a pioneer in protecting women's rights

 Dr. Hozan Faruq, candidate number 8 of the PUK's list in Diyala province, told PUKMEDIA: "The PUK has consistently been at the forefront of advocating for women's rights, and in our future agenda, we aim to further safeguard and promote women's rights." 

"The PUK has initiated numerous courses to enhance women's capabilities and promote their economic independence. Moving forward, we will prioritize women's skills and offer a greater number of employment prospects," said Faruq.

PUK wants more women in the political, military and security spheres

"We are working for women to work freely alongside men in the political, military and security domains," Leyla Avdal, candidate number 2 of the Nineveh People's Coalition, told PUKMEDIA.

"We have initiated multiple small-scale projects in which women have actively engaged, with the objective of enhancing their managerial competencies and providing them with the necessary support to leverage their abilities in the future," said Avdal.

The PUK wants to send 30 women to the provincial councils

The PUK has nominated 30 female candidates out of a pool of 112 candidates for the provincial council elections in Nineveh, Kirkuk, and Diyala provinces. This highlights the significance of women to the PUK, as it seeks to enhance women's participation in local governance. Within the party, the PUK has prioritized the role and position of women, granting them significant roles as members of the Political Bureau and Leadership Council. Furthermore, the PUK has appointed women to prominent positions such as the speaker of parliament, ministers, governors, district directors, university presidents, and directors of departments. 

Note* The former Iraqi Ba'ath regime made significant efforts to Arabize all residents of Diyala, Kirkuk, Nineveh, and Salah ad Din, resulting in the ongoing disputes between Erbil and Baghdad over these areas. Although Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution was drafted in part to address the issue, the law has yet to be implemented. The PUK's call is an attempt to increase the number of Kurds voting in these areas in order to give the Kurds more influence and benefit other communities residing in these areas.


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