China Plans to Grant Visas Directly to Kurdish Citizens

Iraq 04:44 PM - 2023-11-16
 Deputy Prime Minister and Chinese Consul General Deputy Prime Minister's media office

Deputy Prime Minister and Chinese Consul General

Qubad Talabani China

Qubad Talabani, the Kurdistan Region's Deputy Prime Minister, welcomed Liu Jun, the newly appointed Chinese Consul General in the Kurdistan Region. They discussed ways to strengthen bilateral ties, particularly in the areas of business, trade, and vocational education. 

Qubad Talabani congratulated the newly appointed Chinese Consul General at the start of their meeting on Thursday in Erbil. He wished him well on his journey, particularly in strengthening ties between China and the Kurdistan Region. He also expressed his and his office's willingness to assist in any way. 

Both sides highlighted the need to strengthen ties between China and the Kurdistan Region, highlighting President Mam Jalal as the originator of the historical relationship between the two nations.

Talabani emphasized the importance of working together to strengthen ties in this area, particularly in trade, industry, and the advancement of IT and technology in the Kurdistan Region. The Chinese Consul General stated that he is willing to work with the Kurdistan Regional Government to improve relations. He also stated that a Chinese research center will be established at Sulaymaniyah University soon and that efforts are being made to establish academic ties between Chinese and Kurdish universities. 
The significance of cultural links between Kurdistan and Chinese cities was also discussed. The Chinese Consul General expressed his admiration for Sulaymaniyah, recognizing its rich cultural heritage. He continued to add that he is trying to establish a cultural link between Sulaymaniyah and a Chinese city.

In this context, and to develop cooperation in all areas, the Chinese Consulate plans to grant visas directly to Kurdish citizens seeking to visit China for a variety of reasons, beginning early next year.



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