KRG's Culture Minister Attends “Kurds: Traditions & Modernity” Exhibition in Moscow

World 03:04 PM - 2023-11-08
“Kurds: traditions and modernity” PUKMEDIA

“Kurds: traditions and modernity”

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Mansour Jahani - The gallery of contemporary art “Triptych” opened the exhibition “Kurds: traditions and modernity”. It was held as part of the III Moscow Kurdish Film Festival and was available for visiting. Entry is free for all visitors.

The main goal of the exhibition is to show contemporary Kurdish art. Works by both famous artists of Kurdish origin and young authors were presented here, demonstrating works of completely different styles, made in different techniques, and showing the cultural richness of the Kurdish people.

The exhibition was opened by festival president Kerem Gerdenzeri, show director Inna Tejoeva and gallery co-owner Victoria Shishkova. In addition, the opening was attended by an official delegation from the Kurdistan Region, led by the Minister of Culture and Youth of the Government of the Kurdistan-Iraq Region, Mohammed Saeed Ali.

The exhibition presented the works of Teimuraz Rashoev, the leading artist of the creative workshop of Z. K. Tsereteli, sculptor, stained glass artist and mosaic artist. In addition, there visitors got acquainted with the work of Rosa Ozmanyan, who is an excellent example of high-quality naive art.

Using the example of artists David Pirozi and Koli Khan, one can see how a creative dynasty is born, and artistic techniques are passed on from generation to generation.

Teimuraz Rashoev, Roza Ozmanyan and David Pirozi personally presented their works to the guests.

The work of contemporary Kurdish artist from Iran Heval Tazhandare, known for his striking, vibrant graphic works.

Also participating in the exhibition is the talented artist Zina Broyan, who presented a large-scale, mesmerizing digital work of art printed on paper, inspired by Monet's iconic water lilies.

In addition, the audience got acquainted with the works of an aspiring artist, 4th year student Norik Iusoyan, who presented landscapes reflecting national themes.




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