PUK Politburo: Women's Union of Kurdistan has Fought for Women's Rights at All Stages of Struggle

P.U.K 11:38 PM - 2023-11-03

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The Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) congratulated the Women's Union of Kurdistan on the occasion of its founding anniversary.

The Political Bureau's message for the Women's Union of Kurdistan said:

Secretary and members of the Secretariat of the Women's Union of Kurdistan

We extend our sincere congratulations on the commemoration of the anniversary of your organization's establishment and express our well wishes for further success in your organizational endeavors and aspirations.

The establishment of the Women's Union of Kurdistan occurred 34 years ago, initiated by a group of women intellectuals and Peshmergas. This development took place amid a challenging period of displacement, driven by the urgent needs and circumstances following the Anfal disaster. Comrades Hero Ibrahim Ahmed and Kafya Sulaiman assumed prominent positions in this novel endeavor of resistance.

Following the uprising, the Women's Union of Kurdistan has assumed a significant role in promoting the progress of women and facilitating their active engagement in all aspects of government and political party activities. Moreover, it has served as a platform that fosters bravery, liberation, and consciousness among women in Kurdistan.

Hence, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has consistently advocated for the empowerment, equality, and progress of women. The unwavering endorsement of President Mam Jalal for our organization and women at large stands as a testament to his steadfast commitment. 

On this occasion, we once again salute and respect your courageous role in this procession of struggle and we will always support your rights


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