President Rashid: All Parties Should Strive for Security and Stability

Iraq 04:33 PM - 2023-10-31
President Rashid receives a delegation from Sinjar Iraqi Presidency media office

President Rashid receives a delegation from Sinjar

Iraq Iraqi President

The President of the Republic of Iraq, Abdullatif Jamal Rashid, received a delegation from Sinjar (Shingal), including national components and forces in Baghdad.  

The meeting included a discussion about the individuals who have been internally displaced within the country.   

The President emphasized that all displaced people, who are currently living in substandard conditions in the camps, must be returned to their homes to put an end to this humanitarian issue as soon as possible.  

His Excellency President Rashid emphasized the importance of all political forces working together to provide security and stability while also improving citizens' quality of life and services.   

The President highlighted the significance of dialogue and its continuance among all parties to settle the outstanding issues, particularly regarding the return of the displaced citizens to their homes. 

In addition, he said, the committee of the Presidency of the Republic conducts field visits to monitor the situation of the displaced and help resolve this significant humanitarian issue.  

President Rashid stressed that delivering services, carrying out service projects, restoring infrastructure, building housing for the displaced before they return to their homes, and continuing the reconstruction process are all crucial.   

Furthermore, he mentioned that the violence and terrorism in Sinjar have harmed several economic and service-related operations.  

The President's involvement in the plight of the displaced individuals was noted with satisfaction by the delegation. 

The delegation also spoke on the challenges and obstacles they encountered on their way back to their native places, including the opening of the Sinjar Reconstruction Fund, compensation for affected individuals, finding appropriate housing upon their return, and activating the aid of UN organizations.    


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