PUK Holds Fifth Congress

P.U.K 10:45 AM - 2023-09-27
PUK congress slogan PUKMEDIA

PUK congress slogan


The fifth congress of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) is set to take place today in Sulaymaniyah, with 600 members and a large number of foreign, Iraqi, and regional guests in attendance.

The decision to convene the fifth congress of the PUK ahead of schedule marks a significant milestone in the party's history. This unexpected development has instilled a renewed optimism of purpose and anticipation among PUK members, who eagerly await the forthcoming congress of their party.

It was proposed that the political bureau be streamlined down to ten members and that three separate councils be established: the Supreme Political and Interests Council, the Leadership Council, and the Support Council.

The PUK will reduce the size of its leadership council from 52 to 51, with one president and 50 members. The proposed council's goals are to foster future female and youth leaders, lay a strong foundation for leadership, and serve as an efficient body that carries out its duties in accordance with the president's instructions.


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