Yahya Rasoul: Drone Used for Arbat Attack Entered Iraqi Airspace via Türkiye

Iraq 09:51 AM - 2023-09-19
 Arbat Agricultural Airfield. PUKMEDIA

Arbat Agricultural Airfield.


The spokesperson for the Commander-in-Chief of Iraqi Armed Forces, Major General Yahya Rasoul, revealed in a statement the details of the attack on Arbat Airfield in Sulaymaniyah Governorate. 

Rasoul's statement said:

On Monday, September 18, at exactly 17:00, a drone entered Iraqi airspace across the border with Türkiye and bombed Arbat Airfield in the Sulaymaniyah Governorate in Iraq's Kurdistan Region, killing three Counter-Terrorism Group heroes and injuring three others. 

The aforementioned act of aggression is deemed to be in violation of Iraq's sovereignty, security, and territorial integrity. Furthermore, it poses a significant breach and threat to both regional and global peace and security, thereby infringing upon the tenets of international law and the fundamental principles and objectives outlined in the United Nations Charter.

The recurrent assaults are inconsistent with the notion of amicable relations among nations and pose a risk to Iraq's endeavors in establishing equitable and harmonious political, economic, and security ties with neighboring countries.

The Iraqi government maintains the prerogative to cease these infractions.


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