Deputy Prime Minister: We Must Preserve Yazidis' Rights and Normalize Sinjar's Situation

Kurdistan 04:05 PM - 2023-08-24
Deputy Prime Minister receives a German Green Party MP Deputy Prime Minister's media office

Deputy Prime Minister receives a German Green Party MP

Germany Qubad Talabani

Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani welcomed Lamya Kaddor, a Green Party representative in the German parliament. During their meeting, they discussed several matters of shared interest.

Daban Shadala, the Deputy Head of the Foreign Relations Department of the Kurdistan Regional Government, and Klaus Streicher, German Consul General, were present at the meeting on Thursday in Erbil, where the state of human rights in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq was discussed, particularly the situation of the Yazidis.

Both parties concurred that the international community should provide more assistance to the Kurdistan Region and Iraqi authorities in order to prevent any setbacks and gradually bring the human rights situation closer to international standards. 

About the Yazidi situation, Talabani stated: "Unfortunately, things in Sinjar (Shingal) have not yet stabilized, and the evacuees have not entirely returned to their homes," adding, "The rights of the Yazidis must be preserved, and we must all endeavor to normalize the situation."

During the meeting, the upcoming parliamentary elections in Kurdistan were also discussed. Talabani emphasizes the significance of holding free and fair elections on the president's designated date in this regard. 

While discussing the relations between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region, both parties highlighted the significance of dialogue and negotiation as a means of resolving conflicts. 


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Kurdistan Region's Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani.

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