Hawkar Jaff's brother: KDP cannot use a cartoon scenario to mislead our brother's martyrdom

Kurdistan 02:15 PM - 2023-06-07
 The brother of martyred Hawkar Jaff in a news conference PUKMEDIA

The brother of martyred Hawkar Jaff in a news conference


A brother of martyred Hawkar Jaff claims that his brother's case was misguided, saying: "We reject the cartoon scenario of Colonel Hawkar Jaff's death, and we demand that a unified commission made up of representatives from several nations look into the matter and apprehend the true criminals."
At a news conference held at his brother's burial site, Sirwan Jaff, the brother of the martyred Colonel Hawkar Jaff, said: "Those who took part involved in Hawkar Jaff's martyrdom still oppose us and attempt to tear down our family's unity and cause splits among us to mislead the case and gain ranks and posts."
"Just as martyr Hawkar Jaff felt honored to be a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), we, as martyr Hawkar Jaff's family, continue on our brother's path." We also demand the creation of an international joint committee to look into the tragedy. The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) will not be allowed by our family to unilaterally use a cartoon scenario to misrepresent the case of our brother's martyrdom," he added.
Sirwan Jaff stated, "I would like to inform the public that our case would have been handled differently if the PUK and the KDP had reached an agreement in Baghdad, and this is evidence that the Hawkar Jaff case was mishandled." As the brother of the martyr Hawkar, I urge the KDP to refrain from making choices on this matter on its own," he added.


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