KDP security forces kidnap an activist in Erbil

Kurdistan 11:13 AM - 2023-04-25
 Activist Ali Mahmoud. PUKMEDIA

Activist Ali Mahmoud.

Kurdistan Region Erbil KDP

On Tuesday, in the early morning hours, security forces in Erbil broke into the home of a genocide activist and abducted him, violating his human rights and restricting his freedoms.

The Genocide Writers Union announces the kidnapping of one of its members
The Kurdistan Genocide Writers Union (KGWU) announced the abduction of Ali Mahmoud, a genocide activist and member of the KGWU's supreme founding board.

The KGWU called on the relevant institutions to investigate, reveal the fate of activist Ali Mahmoud, and protect his safety.
We hold the authorities responsible for his safety
The Kurdistan Regional Government has not responded appropriately to the attacks on the freedom of individuals, journalists, and critics in the Kurdistan Region, particularly in Erbil and Duhok, which are mentioned in foreign reports.

KGWU chairman Salar Mahmoud informed PUKMEDIA: "According to the information available to us, the authorities in Erbil stormed the house of activist Ali Mahmoud at dawn today and kidnapped him to an unknown destination." 

He said: "Activist Ali Mahmoud is a member of the founding board of the KGWU, and he is an active activist in the field of genocide." "We demand that Erbil's security officials reveal his whereabouts and ensure his safety because they are responsible for preserving the life of activist Ali Mahmoud." 

He pointed out that activist Ali Mahmoud is one of the most active genocide campaigners both locally and internationally and has previously denounced authorities and political people for being corrupt. 

Mahmoud continued: "These issues fall under the umbrella of restricting liberties and suppressing opposing views, and we must all work together in order to develop the level of human rights in the Kurdistan Region."
Security forces stormed the home of activist Ali Mahmoud
An informed source in Erbil told PUKMEDIA that security forces stormed the house of activist Ali Mahmoud at dawn today and took him away to an undisclosed location. 

Ali Mahmoud, an activist and critic, has previously expressed his displeasure with political leaders, and according to the speaker, his kidnapping is the result of his vigilante stances and outspoken criticism of the government's performance. He also stated repeatedly that the current administration is restricting civil liberties and free expression.

On the anniversary of the Anfal, Ali Mahmoud stated: "The son of one of those who carried out the Anfal of my relatives is now the mayor of Erbil."


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