Erbil security forces cover up the incidents and dismiss the charges

Kurdistan 03:41 PM - 2023-04-22
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The Citadel of Erbil

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Security forces in Erbil have admitted, after media pressure, that a young man was killed on headlight by the brother of Omed Sabah, the President of the Diwan of Council of Ministers. An MP claims: "The disastrous policy of the Kurdistan Democratic Party's (KDP) administration in Erbil has led to an increase in the number of killings, insults, attacks, and sexual assaults every day, depriving the people of Erbil of calm."

Nasir Ahmad, a member of the Internal Affairs Committee of the Kurdistan Parliament, told PUKMEDIA: "In broad daylight, people have been killed, attacked, had their heads shaved, tortured, and subjected to extortion by KDP armed members in Erbil, creating a situation in which Erbil is peaceful only for them and unsafe for the citizens." "Living in Erbil has no meaning."

"The KDP is using the security forces to conceal the events and tragedies as part of its permanent job. In return, KDP is attempting to destabilize Sulaymaniyah in an effort to draw attention to the city and conceal its crimes," said Ahmad.

The Erbil Police Directorate has issued a statement on the killing of a young man on 120 meters street in Erbil by the brother of Omed Sabah, the President of the Diwan of Council of Ministers. The directorate reported that a murder incident happened on the evening of April 18, 2023, at (9) pm in 120 meters street in Erbil. The accused, "M.S.A.", immediately turned himself in to the police and will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

"The fact that the directorate eventually described the incident after it was revealed in the media demonstrates that Erbil security forces first attempted to conceal the situation." So, in my opinion, if it had not been for the media, this incident, like many others, would have gone unnoticed.”

"The KDP's poor policies are harming the residents of Erbil and Duhok. The party makes decisions rather than the law and the courts because no legislation is in force. They attack, insult, and imprison whoever they want. They also kill whoever they want. The outcome will not be favorable for the KDP," he added.




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