The salaries of PUK Peshmerga retirees have been halted in Erbil and Duhok

P.U.K 03:32 PM - 2023-04-22
 Zerevan forces surround Hamrin Bank Other news outlets

Zerevan forces surround Hamrin Bank

Erbil KDP

Zerevan forces are threatening Erbil retirees with the suspension of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Peshmergas retirees' salaries in Erbil banks.

A source at Hamrin Bank told PUKMEDIA: "We have received a decision from the finance minister tonight not to pay the retirees of the PUK Peshmergas."

According to preliminary reports, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has ceased paying PUK retirees' salaries at Erbil's Hamrin Bank and has surrounded the bank with a large Zerevan force. It is unknown whether the problem is political or technical.

The Zerevan soldiers warned the PUK pensioners that they would be forcibly ejected from the bank if they did not leave after the suspension of their pensions at the Hamrin Bank in Erbil.

While the pension salaries of the PUK Peshmergas have been suspended in Erbil, the correct amounts have been paid to the KDP salaried employees (September and May) in Ranya, according to the Central Bank of the Kurdistan Region (Sulaymaniyah), and there are no issues.

In the meantime, a source from Duhok's banks told PUKMEDIA: "The PUK pensioners in Duhok banks have had their pensions suspended and are not getting paid."




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