Nine SDF fighters killed in helicopter crash

Kurdistan 08:35 PM - 2023-03-17
 Wahab Halabjay, Director of CTG, and Martyr Commander Servan Kobane CTG

Wahab Halabjay, Director of CTG, and Martyr Commander Servan Kobane


On the evening of March 15, 2023, two helicopters carrying a counter-terrorism (YAT) unit of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) crashed en route to Sulaymaniyah, resulting in the deaths of nine SDF fighters, including the commander of the force, Servan Kobane.

According to a statement by the SDF, the SDF group was en route to Sulaymaniyah to exchange security and military expertise to bolster the combat and security capabilities of the units as they continue their missions of combating terrorism and protecting the northern and eastern regions of Syria.

The SDF also stated that in the fight against terrorism, the Counter-Terrorism Forces sacrificed their best fighters and leaders. They fought fierce battles from Kobane to Raqqa and Deir Ezzor, are trained in advanced fighting techniques and are key allies of the global coalition in the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS).


Commander Servan Kobane and the other eight fighters were also declared martyrs by Mazlum Abdi, Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

"As part of a coordinated campaign against ISIS terrorists, Commander Servan and his unit have deployed to the Kurdistan Region," Abdi tweeted.

He emphasized that their sacrifices would strengthen their resolve to defend freedom, people, and territory.

Expressing his condolences, Wahab Halabjay, Director of the Kurdish Counter-Terrorism Group (CTG), said: "We are deeply saddened by the news of the martyrdom of Commander Servan Kobane and eight other comrades, who died in the crash of two helicopters in the Chamanke region."

"Martyr fighters and counter-terrorism units in West Kurdistan (North and East Syria), at the start of the war against ISIS and throughout the years of the war, played a heroic role, became the spearhead of the ground wars, and recorded dozens of victories," he added.

"We are privileged to have shared so many of these victories," he said. "The CTG, along with the West's Counter-terrorism units, participated in the destruction of the final stronghold of ISIS in Baghouz; that is the reason for forming the West's Counter-terrorism units in the first place." 

"I offer condolences to myself and our people in West Kurdistan," he continued. "I am sure that the Kurdish people have many valiant sons who can fill the place of Commander Servan and his comrades and continue their struggle."  

President Bafel: Martyr Servan and his comrades were instrumental in the campaign against ISIS

Bafel Jalal Talabani, President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), sent a message of condolences on the martyrdom of Commander Servan Kobane and eight other Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters.

In his message, President Bafel said:

The martyrdom of Commander Servan Kobane, commander of the West's Counter-Terrorism Forces, and eight other comrades deeply pained us.

Martyr Servan and members of the Counter-Terrorism Units (YAT) were instrumental in the campaign against Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists in the West, guarded the Kurdish holy land from terrorism, and left a legacy of great sovereignty.

The Counter-Terrorism Forces (CTG) and the West's Counter-Terrorism Units have a distinguished history of defending Kurdistan and its people. The PUK is proud of this legacy.

Comrade Mazlum Kobane, the SDF, the Counter-Terrorism forces, and the Kurdish people, especially our comrades in West Kurdistan, have my sincere sympathies.

Salute to the spirits of the martyrs of the way of freedom, and peace be upon the souls of the comrades who have passed on.


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