PUK Media Bureau honors women journalists

P.U.K 09:47 PM - 2023-03-08
Women of PUK Media Bureau PUKMEDIA

Women of PUK Media Bureau

Women PUK

On March 8th, International Women's Day, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's (PUK) Media Bureau held a ceremony to congratulate and acknowledge all the women who work as journalists and media professionals across all PUK channels and organs.

In a speech, Stran Abdullah, Supervisor of the Media Bureau, stated that the PUK has an unwavering belief in women's rights and completely supports their progress within party and governmental structures.

"The PUK is one of the political forces that has not disregarded the role of women," he said. "In the Peshmerga and political conflicts, women have fought alongside men, and in its ruling stage, PUK offered women positions and a share of the political decision-making center."

Stran Abdullah praised the role of women journalists in the media outlets of PUK and highlighted his commitment to supporting the growth of their abilities.

Afterwards, Stran Abdullah and Media Bureau members gave certificates of honor to the PUK's journalists.


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