PUK Politburo: PUK worked on laws that ensure women's rights and freedoms

Kurdistan 11:21 PM - 2023-03-07
 Kurdish women PUKMEDIA

Kurdish women

PUK Women

The Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) congratulated women on International Women's Day, stating that the PUK has always supported women's active involvement in all parties, government, and decision-making structures.

The following is the Politburo's official statement:

On March 8, the International Day of Women's Struggle to achieve their rights and further consolidate equality and justice, we remember the women who have fought for the achievement of women's rights and have emerged as leaders in the struggle against the enemies of freedom and humanity.

As a continuation of President Mam Jalal's policies and opinions, the PUK has always promoted women's active participation in all parties, government, and decision-making structures and has actively worked on laws that guarantee more women's rights and freedoms.

On this magnificent anniversary, we express our greetings to Kurdish women and reiterate our support for their righteous cause.

Political Bureau
The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan



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