KDP Asayish tortures a young man in the most heinous manner

Kurdistan 08:07 PM - 2023-03-03
Family of the detainees at the news conference. PUKMEDIA

Family of the detainees at the news conference.

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The Asayish forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Forces (KDP) arrested seven youths in Erbil, and the father of one of them stated: "My son was heinously tortured by the Asayish forces in Erbil; they shoved Pepsi bottles into him, deformed his testicles, and broke his shoulders."

In the meantime, a member of the Human Rights Committee of the parliament states: "Torturing detainees is unacceptable."

How were Mohammed and his companions arrested in Erbil?
"The seven youths took a chicken and had a picnic in the Malakian region. Later, the director of Topzawa Asayish called Mohammed's father and asked him to bring his son as a witness, so Mohammed's father takes his son and complies with the Asayish director's request. There, they arrested his son and turned him over to KDP Counter-Terrorism, where he was severely tortured and treated inhumanely," said the father of Mohammed, who was sentenced on Thursday to two years and six months in prison.
Mohammed's father: My son was tortured for three days
Mohammed was tortured by the Asayish forces in the most severe and dangerous way, Mohammed's father told the media in front of the Erbil court: “They tortured my son for three nights and days, electrocuted him, deformed his testicles, shoved Pepsi bottle into him and broke his shoulder under torture.”

"The Erbil court sentenced my son to two years and six months in prison on suspicion of joining the Islamic State (ISIS), but I assure the public that my son has nothing to do with terrorism and we are far from that ideology," he said.
Human Rights Committee opposes prisoner torture
The Kurdistan Parliament's Human Rights Committee has been made aware of the situation and is conducting an investigation.

Shadi Nawzad, a member of the Human Rights Committee of the Kurdistan Parliament, told PUKMEDIA: "Unfortunately, the detainees are subjected to inhumane treatment daily by the security forces, which is unacceptable."

"Our committee has begun investigating the case and we must find out what happened and why the inhuman act was committed against the young man, we will raise the case to the relevant authorities to be informed of the results," she said.

"The human rights situation in parts of the Kurdistan Region has deteriorated drastically, and even international organizations and consuls in Erbil have called this a heinous act," she added.
How can he not say he is Abubakir Al-Baghdadi?
Mohammed's brother told a news conference: "If you torture a 20-year-old for three nights and three days, electrocute him, shove a bottle into him, break his shoulder, how can he not say, 'I am Abubakir Al-Baghdadi?'
Stop with the action and oppressing the sons of this nation
A member of the Kurdistan Parliament asks the Kurdistan Region's Judicial Council, the General Prosecutor's Office, the Human Rights Committee, and the Security Council regarding the heinous act of the KDP's security forces: "Do your job, stop with the action and taking photos, and honor your legal oath."

Sarko Azad Galali, a member of the Kurdistan Parliament, wrote on his Facebook page: "This oppression must awaken the Kurdistan Region's Judicial Council and the Presidency of the General Prosecutor to stop taking photos with your branches and regions and do your job."
Lawyer for the detainees: Erbil court's ruling is unjust
The lawyer of the detainees, who is also the father of one of the seven youths arrested and tortured by Erbil security forces, stated at a news conference: "The decision of the Erbil court is unjust because there was no evidence, but the judge decided on the basis of them wanting to join ISIS, which is not true."

The families of the seven youths have not seen their sons for 45 days.

Mohammed's father, one of the detainees, stated: "My son was tortured by Erbil security forces for three days and nights. They shoved Pepsi bottles into him and hung gas bottles to his testicles, and now he has a hernia and has lost a testicle. They also hung him to a fan, which caused one of his shoulders to dislocate, hung him on his head, and subjected him to electrical torture."

"My son told them; 'Just don't kill me. I will confess what you want.' I am confident that my son has no connection to terrorism. My twenty-year-old son is a university student, and he only said this out of fear for his life "he added.
Countries are concerned about the decline of human rights in parts of the region
Previously, the U.S. Consulate General in Erbil warned the Kurdistan Regional Government about the decline in human rights and violations, saying: "The U.S. shares concerns for the backslide in human rights, freedom of expression and media, and the rights of minorities and women in the IKR."

Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, also said that the Kurdistan Region should not be allowed to witness a decline in human rights.

"The region's human rights situation should not deteriorate, public liberties should not be restrictive, and there must be firm protection of democratic ideals," he said.


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