The ICRC and CTG debate humanitarian issues

World 03:13 PM - 2023-02-14
 Wahab Halabjay and Anna Halford CTG

Wahab Halabjay and Anna Halford

Kurdistan CTG ICRC

Counter-Terrorism Group (CTG) and the Head of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Kurdistan (ICRC) discussed humanitarian affairs.

On Monday, February 14, 2023, the Director General of CTG and the Kurdistan Head of the ICRC met.

Anna Halford, Head of the ICRC in the Kurdistan Region, and Basma Nazif, Head of the Committee's team to visit prisons in the Kurdistan Region, were met by Wahab Halabjay, Director General of CTG.

Anna Halford thanked the CTG for their welcome and willingness to discuss humanitarian affairs within the framework of international and applicable law and in compliance with human rights principles, especially in order to investigate several specific cases.

Wahab Halabjay expressed the eagerness of CTG to cooperate with the ICRC delegation in order to protect human rights values and principles legal in counter-terrorism.

Anna Halford praised the CTG for their hospitality and willingness to address humanitarian affairs within the context of international and applicable law and in accordance with human rights values, particularly to study a number of individual cases.

Wahab Halabjaiy highlighted the CTG's eagerness to collaborate with the ICRC delegation to preserve human rights values and lawful counterterrorism principles.


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