Al-Hamdani: Where you find the best Znoud El-Sit in Iraq

Variety 11:49 AM - 2022-02-15

One of the workers of Al-Hmadani making sweets. (PUKmedia/ Julia Zimmermann)

Sweets often served as dessert after the main meals is the favorite food of many and for Iraqis, it is a delicious cuisine during cold seasons.

Znoud El-Sit, Kunafa, Baklava are the most famous sweets in Iraq among many more that a small but very renowned shop in Slemani offers.

Al-Hamadany is a dessert shop chain from Iraq, founded by Hamed Majed Al Hamdane. The first shop opened its doors in Baghdad in 1985. In Slemani on Salim Street near the Rand Gallery in 2006. 

In total there are 5 original Al-Hamadany dessert shops: 3 in Baghdad, 1 in Erbil and 1 in Slemani. Every day they serve their numerous clients from 10am to 11pm. 

Their specialty is the Libanese dessert Znoud El-Sit, cream wrapped in fried phyllo dough. 

Znoud El-Sit is a dessert said to be originally from Libanon and Syria and means in the Arabic language "the arms of a woman", because of the similarity in shape. 

They also serve Baklava, Kunafa, and other desserts that are as good and popular as the Znoud El-Sit. 

Foad, owner of the shop, and his nephew. (PUKmedia / Julia Zimmermann)

Foad, the pastry manager tells that there are thousands of people every day who come to the shop to buy the sweets and that there is almost all day long a long queue of people who are waiting for the delicious sweets. During Ramadan their business is exploding so much they are selling. 

Hafiz, a client says: "I am coming at least 2 or 3 times a week to buy the Znoud El-Sit and the Kunafa. It is cold and we need the energy, that is the reason why we like everything in here." 

Some other type of sweets at Al-Hamdani shop. (PUKmedia / Julia Zimmermann)



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