PUK delegation visits Kurdistan Communist Party in Khurmatu

P.U.K 10:48 PM - 2021-12-08

A delegation from the Hamrin Organizations Center of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan headed by Karim Shukr Muhammad visited the Khurmatu local committee of the Kurdistan Communist Party, 

The delegation was received by Hemn Nuri, the chairman of the committee, and several party cadres.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed several political, security, and service issues and pointed to the problems of providing necessary services especially, for the Kurdish-majority areas in the Khurmatu district.

Shukr told PUKmedia, "PUK and the Kurdistan Communist Party have strong historical relations and have struggled and made great sacrifices, and we in Khurmatu district have only one mission, which is to defend Kurmatu and its people."


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