Kurdish boxers crowned champions of Arab Muay Thai tournament

Sport 10:44 PM - 2021-09-04

The two Kurdish Muay Thai boxers, Ziyad and Hokar, were crowned as champions of the International Muay Thai Championship.

The tournament, which was held in Slemani city, ended in success on Saturday. Fifty athletes of different weights from 13 countries have participated in the championship.

The championship was attended by the Minister of Youth and Sports, the head of the PUK's Organization Center in Slemani and a large number of local and Arab sports officials.

In the Iraqi team included three Kurdish athletes, two of whom were able to win the first place in their own weight category.

One of the two athletes were Ziyad Ibrahim of the Penjwen club who won over Mauritanian athlete. The other athlete was Hokar Hakim of the Ashti Club who won over the Algerian athlete.

Reported by Harez Jamal

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