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Ten thousand books from Sulaymaniyah to Kobane

The Amna Suraka National Museum in Sulaymaniyah has gave away over 10,000 books to Kurdish Kobane city, northern Syria, as part of a charity campaign organized by cutural centers, universities, figures and the special library of Mam Jalal.


Ako Gharib, Director of Amna Suraka National Museum, told PUKmedia: "Apart from the previous aid campaigns for Rojava (northeastern Syria) organized by the Amna Suraka National Museum, we've also thought of a way to support culture in Rojava and for that matter, one of our projects was establishing a public library in Kobane."


"Our museum has formally announced the project of collecting books and scientific sources and in 3 years, we've managed to collect over 10,000 books through cultural centers, figures, universities and the special library of President Mam Jalal," he added.


He also revealed that they have decided to open a Sorani Kurdish dialect in the educational centers of Rojava and in the near future, they will prepare Kurdish alphabet curriculum for primary schools.  


He also pointed out that 44 figures have participated in the campaign.


People of Kobane, home to Syrian Kurds and a Kurdish city, have suffered crisis after ISIS seizure of large parts of Syria. From September 2014 to January 2015, the city was under siege by the ISIS. Most of the eastern parts of the city were destroyed and most of the population fled. In 2015, many returned and reconstruction began after liberation of city.


In mid October 2019, Kurdish forces accepted the entry of the Syrian Army and Russian Military Police in a bid to stop Turkey from invading the city after Turkey's offensive on Rojava following US President's decision to withdraw US troops from the region.






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