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The Book of "Mam Jalal, a Kurdish National Symbol" publishes

On Thursday 3/10/2019, The Saloon of Kurdistani Nwe will hold the signing ceremony of a book printed and published by PUKmedia website, on the occasion of the second anniversary of the death of the deceased President Mam Jalal.


The book is entitled "Mam Jalal, the national symbol of the Kurds" written and prepared by journalist Hozan Afrin, a publication of PUKmedia, where the ceremony will be defined and distributed the book at 10:30 am on Thursday at the Saloon of Kurdistani Nwe  in the building of the Information Office of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.


The book deals with the history of President Mam Jalal and his struggle during decades, in addition to the views of a number of Arab and Turkish writers and intellectuals in the character of Mam Jalal and his role in the Kurdistan region and the four parts of Kurdistan, Iraq and the region.



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