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Rite of Honour novel, Kurdish women fighting for their rights

 No matter the location, women can endure horrific circumstances in life. But what happens when they unite forces and work together to overcome apparently insurmountable obstacles and achieve victories for themselves and those around them?
In “Rite of Honour,” author Alison Buckley writes a fictional story based on years of research into the culture and history of Kurdistan, its people’s struggle for self-determination and human rights, and its women warriors’ fight for equality for all women.
“Kurdish women have developed their own unique brand of feminism,” Buckley said. “By taking on the same roles as male fighters, the Kurdish female fighters have proven that women are just as capable as men of defeating a more numerous and heavily armed enemy.”
Beginning with the Kurds of ancient Iran, Buckley has spent many years of her life researching and studying the history of the Kurds and their political, military and social struggles. Buckley is also the author of “Vashti Queen of the Ancient Medes” and “Esther: Mystery Queen of the Medes” and has sourced the modern Kurdish people’s experiences and stories to portray their freedom movement.
“I am just an ordinary woman who discovered a ‘world heritage treasure’ of people who have had their lands and resources progressively stolen and misappropriated and have been subjected to genocide campaigns for hundreds of years,” Buckley said. “I believed these people are as worthy of autonomy as any other ethnic group that has already achieved it.”
About the book
Condemned to an honour killing after Uday Hussein and his henchmen rape her during the 1990s Iraqi-Kurdish war, Evin Feili flees to the northern Iraqi camp of Kurdish guerrilla fighters.
Distinguishing herself in combat and intelligence operations in eastern Turkey, she returns to find the rebels have recruited Mehrdad Hassan, a former Israeli spy whom she suspects her father has hired to vindicate his honour. Driven to avenge her ordeal, she leads a victorious women’s fighting unit against ISIS forces in Syria, aiding the rebels’ declaration of autonomy. Peace with Turkey then leaves Evin to pursue her own and Kurdistan’s honour deep inside Iran.
Based on the Kurdish people’s struggle for self-determination and human rights in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran, Rite of Honour reflects the lives of thousands of Middle Eastern women.
About the author
Alison Buckley taught high school English and history after completing an arts degree in politics and history. Further studies in law and religion were followed by a social science degree and drug and alcohol counseling with young people. Her first two novels featuring the feminism of the ancient Middle Eastern Zoroastrian Kurds inspired her third work on today's women guerrilla fighters of Kurdistan.
Source: Agencies


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