PUK, Change Movement affirm importance of joint action

11/5/2021 14:13:00
     Photo Credit: PUKmedia

Kurdistan Region - Sulaymaniyah, The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Change Movement affirmed that their alliance in the upcoming elections is an important step to enhance joint action and consolidate harmony and political stability in the Kurdistan Region.


A delegation from the Political Relations Chamber in the Change Movement visited the Kurdish Relations Office in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to discuss strengthening relations and discussing the ongoing preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Iraq.


The two sides stressed during the meeting that the Patriotic Union and the Change Movement are looking with great interest to the Kurdistan Alliance, which was formed between them to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections.


They stressed that the goal of forming the Kurdistan Alliance is to unify the ranks and consolidate harmony and political stability in the Kurdistan Region.


The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Movement for Change party have formed a unified electoral alliance to participate in one list in the upcoming parliamentary elections of Iraq scheduled for October 10. read more


The alliance between PUK and Change Movement bears the name of the Kurdistan Alliance and is headed by Lahur Sheikh Jangi, the Co-President of the PUK.






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