PUK Bloc: Erbil Court decision negatively impacts Kurdistan Region reputation internationally

7/5/2021 14:46:00

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc in the Parliament of Kurdistan issued a statement regarding the approval of the Court of Cassation in the Kurdistan Region of imprisoning journalists and activists in Dohuk for 6 years in jail.


The text of the statement was as follows: 


The form of approval of the decision shows political and governmental pressure and shadow in advance, which detracts from the judicial system, and undoubtedly will have a negative impact on international circles, to distort the reputation of the Kurdistan Region and the experience of its administration.


We believe that social security comes with the guarantee of freedom of opinion and the rule of law, indicating that the decision constitutes a dangerous precedent that exposes the rule of law in the Kurdistan Region to accountability, and it is not permissible, under any pretext, to make the judiciary a trench to silence free voices and narrow the ranges of civil work.


So we call on the Prime Minister Kurdistan Region, and in order to protect the region’s reputation, to exercise its powers and correct the course of this deviation, and at the same time, we call on all parliamentary blocs to unify the word and position and defend the rule of law, the independence of courts and freedom of opinion, protect the reputation of the Kurdistan Region and stand against any attempt that harms Kurdistan Region’s relations with our friends. In the United States and Europe, who stood with us in difficult circumstances.



Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Bloc




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