Pictures: People of Kurdistan recall bombing of Qaladze with banned weapons

24/4/2021 21:16:00

On Saturday, the people of Kurdistan recalled the 47th anniversary of the bombing of the town of Qaladze, north of Sulaymaniyah, with the internationally banned "napalm" weapons, in 1974.


In the presence of the 24th Organizations Center of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), government and party officials, and a large crowd, the ceremony began by laying wreaths of flowers at the shrine of martyrs.


Seventy-four years ago, the fallen Iraqi  Baath regime bombed the town of Qaladze with "napalm" weapons, which resulted in the martyrdom of a number of lecturers and students of the University of Sulaymaniyah, which was transferred at that time to Qaladze.


Years later, on 24 April 1982, when the people of Qaladze gathered to commemorate their loss, two women were killed and many were arrested and injured.


The fallen Iraqi Baath regime later carried out the horrendous Anfal campaigns that killed over 180,000 innocents Kurds and it was culminated with the Halabja massacre which was carried out with bombing the city with international banned chemical weapons, where 5000 Kurdish people from women, children, and elderly died.






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