Opinion: will the stormy rain leaves KRG, Iraq soon?

19/2/2021 12:43:00

As we always say, "It can be stormy now, but it can't rain forever" might be different for Kurds and Iraqis as the tension, political conflicts, and economic crises have been the main topics of each day's news for decades.


Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in the last months of 2019, the whole world has suffered from the negative impacts of the pandemic and forced everyone all around the work to change their work style, lifestyle, and the world lost more than 2 M souls. 


Kurds like the other nations have thought that 2021 will be the savior of lives, going back to normal life, and the most important thing in solving the economic crises that made life very challenging for citizens especially employees. 


Unlike other countries, Kurdistan Region's people have experienced 2020 in a harder way as the curfew has been imposed many lost their jobs, salaries were not promising, many lost their lives, and many others were fighting to feed their families as the government did not have any plan to support its citizens. 


After the Kurdistan Delegation visits Baghdad in the last quarter of 2020 until now, the tension and issues between Iraq, KRG have not been solved yet. Many lost their hope, many left the country, and the remaining is silent and no one knows what is going to be the future. 


In recent days, missile attacks target Erbil in different government, residential, and general areas that caused too much tension and casualties. Along the hard times, a court in Erbil sentenced five activists and journalists to six years in jail that brought justice and courts in the region under question, and many think that the decision has been motivated politically. 



PUKmedia/ Hawsar Saed




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