Iraq repatriates two Yazidi young women survivors from Syria

6/2/2021 09:47:00

Major General Yahya Rasul, spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces, announced on Friday that Iraq has repatriated two liberated Yezidis from the Syria.


Major General Yahya Rasul said in a statement that the security forces received 2 Yazidi women survivors named 'Assima Jassim Khader Al-Jarakan', born in 2004, and 'Najla Saeed Ismail Al-Mandakan', born in 2003, in the presence of representatives of all security agencies.


According to the statement, both women were handed over to their families in the presence of representatives of the National Intelligence Service, the National Security Agency and Military Intelligence.


For his part,  Khudida Chuke, Administrator of Sinuni sub-district-north of Shingal (Sinjar)- by proxy, had announced on Friday that they have received 2 Yazidi girls  at the Rabia border crossing with Syria who were both returned to their families.


In August 2014 ISIS terrorist occupied the northern Iraqi town of Shingal (Sinjar), main land of the Yazidis, committing mass massacres and the most heinous crimes against them. Men and boys were brutally slaughtered, while women and girls enslaved and raped—all because they believe in something different. 


According to the United Nations, ISIS had massacred 5,000 Yazidi men and kidnapped about 7000 Yazidi women and girls (who were forced into slavery) in northern Iraq in August 2014.


According to the latest statistics from the Office of Liberating Yazidi Kidnapped Persons in Duhok, 3545 Yazidis out of originally 6417 have been liberated from the grip of ISIS terrorist organization and so far the fate of 2872 kidnapped Yazidis is unknown.






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