PUK cadre receives honorary shield from Iraqi Minister of Justice

27/1/2021 09:30:00

Federal Minister of Justice, Judge Salar Abdul Sattar Muhammad, honored the administration and employees of Suse Central Prison in Sulaymaniyah Governorate.


According to a statement by the Ministry of Justice, the director of the prison and a loyal PUK cadre, Moamen Abu Bakr, was offered the honorary shield, in appreciation of the sincere efforts and their distinguished and fair performance in the work entrusted to them.


The Minister of Justice affirmed that this honor is also for the rest of the directors and employees of the Justice Ministry for others to follow their example in the course of work and developing it in the service of the public interest.


For his part, the director of Sousse Central Prison appreciated this distinguished honor, stressing their keenness to do their work with dedication and sincerity.






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