Kirkuk representatives issue an important statement

28/5/2020 13:00:00
     Kirkuk representatives issue an important statement

Kirkuk MPs from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan issued a statement on Thursday, in which they demanded the Independent High Electoral Commission not to bow and to practice its work in a professional and transparent manner.


Almas Fazil, MP from the PUK bloc in the Council of Representatives, told PUKmedia: "We call for free and fair elections, and we also call on the United Nations to play its fair role by preventing interference outside the Commission's professional work contexts."


The following is the text of the statement:


"In response to the demands of our people from the demonstrators, the Council of Representatives enacted a new law to rebuild the Independent High Electoral Commission, according to which the Board of Commissioners was formed and its members were chosen from judges and advisors, and no political party has the right to interfere in the affairs and work of the commission in order to correct the path and not to repeat previous mistakes that occurred within the framework of the electoral process.


At a time when the people of Kirkuk governorate need to strengthen the bonds of peaceful coexistence and brotherhood and strengthen the partnership and work to establish security and provide services, we were surprised that some parties issued statements and positions free of responsibility to undermine the work of the electoral commission in the province on the one hand and to fabricate the charges against the rest of the components and parties from on the other hand, with the aim of influencing the work of the Electoral Commission and interfering in its affairs.


Therefore, these auctions will serve as a stumbling block in the way of holding early elections. Therefore, we, as representatives of the Kirkuk governorate, send an invitation to all parties to look to the future and look at the demands and aspirations of youth, and for this we demand the Independent High Electoral Commission not to submit to the demands of these bodies and to conduct their work in a professional and transparent manner in order to hold free and fair elections, we also call on the United Nations to play its fair role and to prevent interventions or movements outside the Commission's professional work contexts in the light of political interference and polarization."



Edited by Zryan Jamal



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