Yazidis: President Mam Jalal believed in importance of Sinjar

28/5/2020 11:40:00
     Yazidis: President Mam Jalal believed in importance of Sinjar

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan celebrates the 45th anniversary of its founding after it held its fourth general conference and elected a new leadership that follows the same approach of the late President ,Mam Jalal in promoting peaceful coexistence and national and religious brotherhood, and confirms that the implementation of Article 140 of the constitution is a criterion for the credibility of any national government in Iraq.


Sinjar district is one of the districts located in the cut-off areas awaiting for the implementation of the  Article 140 of constitution and it is characterized by a national and religious groups of diversity , which has always made the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's struggle as a top priority from the beginning until today.


The  late President, Mam Jalal, believed in the importance of the Yazid Kurds and Sinjar, and even had a prominent role in supporting their rights and defending them as the terrorists, the Patriotic Union forces participated in the liberation of Sinjar.


The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan forces recorded a heroic epics in the Sinjar liberation process, where a group of party members and Peshmerga forces remained on Mount Sinjar and resisted the terrorists to prevent them from exterminating the Yazid IDPs from the city of Sinjar to the mountain, and a number of martyrs and wounded fell in those battles. In the process of liberating Sinjar from the terrorists, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan had 110 martyrs, including Peshmerga and Party members.


PUK's representatives in the Kurdistan region and in the federal government and the Council of Representatives started to put pressure on the regional government and the federal government to help the people of Sinjar to return them to their homes and rebuild their areas.



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