Remembering the first legislative elections in Kurdistan Region

19/5/2020 13:43:00
     Remembering the first legislative elections in Kurdistan Region

Today, Tuesday, May, 19, 2020, coincides with the 28th anniversary of the first parliamentary elections in the Kurdistan Region after the Kurdistan Front, with the support of the masses of the people of Kurdistan, managed to liberate the greater part of the Kurdistan Region from the dictatorial Iraqi Ba'ath rule.


Parliament elections and the selection of the leader of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement took place through universal and direct secret balloting on May 19, 1992 with the participation of about a million voters who represented more than three million citizens. The elections were held with the help of foreign observers and friends of the Kurdish people and to get a seat in the parliament, each party had to receive 7% of the votes of voters.


Voters eager for freedom went to the polls with enthusiasm to express their opinion and elect their representatives after many years of injustice and persecution.


Members of the Kurdistan National Assembly were elected for its first electoral cycle on May, 19, 1992, and the number of members of the Council was (105) members. The first session of the Kurdistan National Assembly was held on June, 4, 1992. The first electoral cycle continued until, June, 4, 2005.


Dr. Fuad Masum headed the first government of the Kurdistan Region, which started its duties on July, 5, 1992.




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