Lahur Sheikh Jangi congratulates Kurds on Newroz

20/3/2020 23:03:00
     Lahur Sheikh Jangi congratulates Kurds on Newroz

Co-Leader of the PUK, Lahur Sheikh Jangi, congratulated the people of Kurdistan, on Friday, on the occasion of Kurdish new year and Newroz and pointed to the living conditions of citizens in the current situation, where the coronavirus outbreak caused major crises in most countries of the world.


"On Kurdish new year and Newroz, I offer congratulations to the honorable families of martyrs, restless doctors and health workers, Peshmerga forces, local Asayish, service departments, media workers and all nations who seek freedom and renewing and who find Newroz as an opportunity for renewing and value the fighting of oppressors," Mr. Lahur said in a statement.


"On this occasion, where our nation is facing crises and fear due to the outbreak of the corona epidemic and its economical and social repercussions, with deep grief we watch over the deteriorated living conditions of the poor and honorable families and the people with special needs," he added.


"Although this year people are staying at home to protect themselves from getting ill, but Newroz is still a fire and a light that lives in our minds and it can still give the spirit and energy of steadfastness and struggle for a better political and economical and health life to citizens," he continued.


In his congratulations statement, Mr. Lahur also pointed to the 29th anniversary uprising of the people of Kirkuk, which began on March 20 of 1991, and said: "In comparison with other nations, for us, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Newroz is greatly special. In continuity of the victories of the new revolution of our people and under the guidance of comrade Mam Jalal, 29 years ago, for the first time in the new history of Kurdistan, Kirkuk stood up and was liberated in Newroz from the wicked and fascist Ba'ath regime by the hands of partisan, armed cells and courageous Peshmerga of the PUK. Therefore we congratulate the Kirkukis and strugglers on the occasion of Newroz and liberation anniversary of Kirkuk." 



(Translated and Edited by H.H.)




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