PUK Political Bureau congratulates Kurdistan people

20/3/2020 15:38:00
     PUK Political Bureau congratulates Kurdistan people

The political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan congratulated the people of Kurdisan, on Friday, on the occasion of Kurdish new year, Newroz, and the 29th anniversary of the liberation of Kirkuk from the grip of the fascist Ba'athist regime.


The text of the congratulations read: 


On the occasion of Newroz, the Kurdish new year of 2720 and the 29th anniversary of the liberation of the Kurdish city of Kirkuk, we extend our warmest congratulations to the people of Kurdistan and to the Kurds wherever they are, hoping that the occasion will be an envoy to strengthen the unity of our people and safety for all.


On this occasion, we assure our people that we will pass the stage of the Corona epidemic by following health instructions.


The Spring of Newroz coincides with the 29th anniversary of the 1991 spring uprising and the liberation of the Kurdish city of Kirkuk. We extend our congratulations to the resistance residents of Kirkuk with all its components, a salute to the martyrs of the Kirkuk uprising and the efamilies of the martyrs and the Peshmerga and all the hero strugglers in Kirkuk.


Once again, we congratulate you on the occasion of Newroz and the spring of prevention and confronting the Corona epidemic, may this spring be the spring of good health for the people of Kurdistan.



(Translated and Edited by H.H.)




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