Rooster Carrying Blades Kills Man in India

25/1/2020 19:47:00

The death of a spectator at an illegal cockfight in India has drawn attention to a practice that, despite being banned for decades by the Supreme Court, continues on a grand scale in some states.


Police said a 55-year-old man attending a fight in Andhra Pradesh state was slashed in the abdomen by a rooster which had razor blades attached to its legs, The Independent reported.


The practice of "arming" the birds in this way is common in the state, with big money bet on the fights and organizers keen to ensure the bouts are over quickly with a clear winner and loser.


According to local media, an organizer was holding a rooster and waiting to release it in the arena at Pragadavaram village last Wednesday, when it panicked and fluttered, lashing out in the process at the victim, and slashed him in the abdomen with the razor blades.


The injured man was rushed to hospital but declared dead upon arrival.


Police said a case had been filed and an investigation is ongoing.


Cockfights spike in numbers every year around the Hindu festival of the sun, Makara Sankranthi, in spite of clear Supreme Court rulings that the blood sport is illegal under both the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, and another act issued in 1974.


In practice, however, the involvement of senior local politicians and large sums of money means police tend to turn a blind eye.


It is estimated that R100 million (£10.7m) was bet over three days around the 15 January festival.


Animal rights activists complain about the lack of action by police each year, but in 2017, a fresh plea by campaigners for further intervention by the Supreme Court was dismissed.




PUKmedia / Asharq Al-Awsat


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