​Self-Proclaimed Time Traveller Reveals What Food People Are Eating In 2075

21/1/2020 17:20:00

A self-proclaimed time traveller has decided to show us all 'actual food' from the year 2075, in a bid to prove that he really is visiting us from the future.


The time traveller, who is known as 'Kasper', was interviewed by Apex TV, having previously told them that there will be a 'great flood' in 2063.


"This is due to global warming around the world - polar ice caps melting and flooding the coastlines of the United States and many other countries around the world," Kasper explained in the new video.


But Kasper wasn't there to tell us all about the floods, which he's already discussed in great detail. Or rather, as much detail as a time traveller can give.


"Being from the future, I have much shocking detail to tell you - but it is hard to communicate such detail," Kasper said.


"I'm excited to actually show you some proof... It is good that I can show you actual evidence from the future.


"I'm going to show you food, actual food, from the future. Here is actual food from year 2075."



Kasper then held up a small jar filled with small, white balls - which look a lot like the polystyrene ones bean bags are stuffed with.


"I cannot say too much," he said.


"What I can say is that these are individual capsules, and taking just one capsule allowed you to live for an entire day. You take one such capsule per day.


"This container I'm showing you of food from the future will last you well over a few months. This is food from the future."


Kasper continued: "Each individual pellet... is a form of food that you may consume, and each one will enable you to stay healthy and alive for another day.


"This take the place of food when it comes out, and this goes along with the government giving everybody in the world free food. This is the food that they give, and you get them in containers like this. They just show up at your house as free food for everybody on Earth.


"There is no more hunger on Earth, there's free food that's given to everybody, so there is no more hunger."


Showing us the food in more depth, Kasper opened up the jar, revealing that they look even more like tiny polystyrene balls that they did in the first place.



"Instead of needing mini meals throughout the day, all you need is one of tjhese and you'll stay alive all day," Kasper added.


In the clip, he also discussed other 'major shocking details' about the years to come, including 2028, which is apparently when aliens will officially become A Thing.


Kasper said of 2028: "Extra-terrestrial aliens [are] revealed to the public. It is finally known that aliens are not only real, not only is there intelligent life out there in the universe, but that such intelligent life is visiting us as humans.


"Aliens are real and aliens integrate into society in year 2028."


Apparently they'll bring great 'peace and prosperity' across the world, and puts the globe into a 'golden age', which brings many medical and technological advancements.


He claimed that time travel technology will also be revealed to the public that same year, proving 2028 looks to be a big one, lads.







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