Sulaymaniyah receives tourists coming for new year's eve celebrations

31/12/2019 12:02:00

In a gesture of spreading love and peace among all the Iraqi people, the people of the city of Sulaymaniyah of the Kurdistan Region welcome tourists who are heading to their city on New Year's Day with love, peace and familiarity.


Nawroz Mangir, a poet and writer, says "Sulaymaniyah is the capital of art and literature and welcomes everyone without exception. Sulaymaniyah is a distinct city that differs from the rest of the Iraqi cities. Its neighborhoods smell

 like the beautiful fragrance of the past. Its streets and buildings are characterized by civilized development and its people respect the guests a lot and provide them with the most beautiful roses and all the services and assistance. "


Hiwa, known as Hiwa Computer who sells computers and electronic devices, said about his city of Sulaymaniyah: "I congratulate the world, Iraq and the region for the coming of the new year, and I hope that joy and goodness will prevail for all and that we begin a year full of success and progress. Sulaymaniyah is characterized by beauty on the new year's eve and the great movement of tourists and large gatherings in Salim Street to welcome the new year with fireworks, lights and music that express beautiful wishes."


One of the tourists, Kadhim Ali, from Iraqi capital Baghdad, says: "I came with my family to visit my second city, Sulaymaniyah, which I love so much and its good people, and we stayed in one of the hotels near Salim Street, which will celebrate the coming of the New Year and the sight here is beautiful with its atmosphere and breathtaking views of nature. "




PUKmedia - Sulaymaniyah / Adnan Al-Jaf


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