Omar Aina, the oldest liver seller in Sulaymaniyah

12/12/2019 12:10:00

Omer Tofiq Hama Rahim, known as Omar Aina, was born in 1942 in Goizha residential. He has been selling liver  since 1960 in Sara street, and known as the oldest liver seller in Sulaymaniyah.


Firstly, he has started his job with "Hussein Gulnam" near the "Big Mosque" of Sulaymaniyah . After that, he opened a shop in what is called " Bar baladya" in Sulaymaniyah. He had worked in many places in Sulaymaniyah like " Halajakan Mosque, Ashabaspy, Fish sellers" because of the former autocratic regimes of Abdul Karim Qasim and Saddam Hussein. Later on, he sold his shop because of the bad incidents in Kurdistan. He never left his job and has worked for 33 years from now. Currently, he is working in a new shop at "Sabunkaran" in Sulaymaniyah city since 2014.


They serve people a Grilled liver in a good quality and over the demand of the customer, and they are free to eat how much bread they want. Also, they are selling the animal liver, meat, kidneys, heart, chicken chest and thigh, and these are the category that people demand mostly. Finally, he has his own technique in grilling for he never used the grilled tomatoes but Liver, and within that, he is a successful and oldest  liver seller in Sulaymaniyah that alot of people visit his place every day.







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