Latest statistics on ISIS crimes committed against Yazidi Kurds

10/12/2019 19:19:00

The Rescue office of The Kidnapped Yazidis in the Kurdistan Region on Tuesday, released a new statistic on the crimes committed against the Yazidi citizens by the Islamic State Organization, since the 3rd of August 2014 after the events of the fall of Mosul.


"These statics are approved by the United nations." the office said in a statement.


The statement added that Yazidis population in Iraq was about 550,000, 360,000 of which were displaced during the invasion of ISIS, and only in the first early days of ISIS invasion 1,293 people were martyred.


"So far, 81 mass graves have been found in the Sinjar district of Ninevah along dozens of other individual graves, and the number of religious shrines bombarded by ISIS has reached 68 shrines" 


The number of Yazidis who fled the country is estimated to be more than 100,000 people.


The number of the kidnapped Yezidis is about 6,417, of which 3548 are females and 2869 are males.


So far, a total of 3,538 of them have been rescued, of this number, 1199 are women, 339 are men, 1040 are female children and 950 are male children, while 2,899 Yazidis are still to be rescued.




PUKmedia/ The Rescue Office of The Kidnapped Yazidis


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