Successful end to elections in PUK centers

9/12/2019 19:56:00

Zubair Othman, the Member of the Supreme Committee for Organizing elections in Centers thanked all PUK cadres on the successful process of elections in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's centers.


The voting process to elect and select the members of the congress ended successfully in each center in a democratic atmosphere.


On his behalf and on behalf of the Supreme Committee, Zubair Othman thanked the security forces, medical committees, and workers for preserving the security and safety of the voters, stressing that the operation was conducted successfully amid wide participation without recording any violations.


He pointed out that the voting process was a democratic process that was successful and transparent without any pressure on the voters, as 897 members out of 971 cadres who were entitled to vote participated, by 264 votes from the Center for Sulaymaniyah Organizations, 293 votes from the list of organizational offices, and 67 representatives of the PUK In the KRG, and 347 from the organizational committees, indicating that the participation rate reached 93% of the total number of voters who participated in the process.






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